5 Signs of a Jealous Friend

5 Signs of a Jealous Friend

Friends are an integral part of our lives as they share our joys and sorrows, and a true friend is the one who sticks to us not only through good times but also through bad ones. One should be careful while choosing a friend as bad friendships can have negative effect on our lives. There are some instances when friends tend to develop signs of jealousy. Such jealous behavior can be harmful for us as it tends to induce negative effects into our lives. Here are some signs of a jealous friend which will be helpful in identifying whether your friend is jealous or a true friend.

1. No sign of happiness

When there is some good news in your life and you tell it to your friend, he/she reacts very casually and makes it a very hush-hush affair. He/she will react as if nothing has happened and will not show any sign of happiness or joy. This is a sign which you must be aware of as it is an indication that your friend is jealous of you. Your friend might even go the extent of counteracting your positive news with a negative, and will look at every opportunity to make you lose hope.

2. Avoidance

In some instances when you are doing well, your friend avoids you and always looks for a chance to spend lesser time with you as it reminds him/her that he/she is unhappy and hence prefers staying away from you. He/she avoids eye contact and instead of being happy for your success, avoids you, making excuses that he/she is busy with some work. He/she thinks that being with you makes him/her feel less powerful and your success overshadows his/her accomplishments.

3. Discouragement

Your friend tells how and why you can’t do a thing, and always points out your flaws discouraging you from every venture. This is another sign that your friend is jealous of your accomplishments. Such behavior is harmful for you as you lose out on many opportunities and end up on the losing side even when you have the capability to win.

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