What Foods are Bad for Dogs?

What Foods are Bad for Dogs?

You can never resist giving your dog anything that it wants. But there are few things that you should never give your dog, especially things that you eat.

1. Dogs should not eat chocolates as it can cause them to vomit.
2. Food poisoning can be detected if dogs consume raw eggs, raw fish and raw meat.
3. Yeast dough can cause gastric problems in dogs.
4. Alcohol beverages affect their liver and brain.
5. Coffee, tea or other caffeinated products can prove to be fatal.
6. Too much sugar can cause obesity, dental problems and diabetes in dogs.
7. Foods containing high amounts of proteins and fats are bad for them.
8. Dogs can be affected with diarrhea or food allergies, if they consume milk or other dairy products.
9. Excess salt consumption by dogs can lead to vomiting, depression and seizures.
10. Onions and garlic can make dogs anemic.

Also, dogs should not be fed with mushrooms, sweet candies, bones of fish, avocado, grapes and plums. All these food have some or the other ill-effect on dogs.

So now you see, how feeding human foods can prove to be fatal for your dog. There is a reason why ‘pup foods’ are made.

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