9 Signs You’re being Forced Out of your Job

 Signs You're being Forced Out of your Job

Ever felt this sinking sensation in your stomach? Your heart beat faster every time you entered your office and you found it hard to concentrate on the tasks at hand? These may be indications that you are about to get pink-slipped. Read on to know some tell-tale signs that you’re being forced out of your job.

1. Your boss communicates in an extremely formal and impersonal manner

Your boss starts communicating with you in a very formal and curt manner to the extent of being downright rude. To add to that your conversations are mainly via the electronic media – cell phone texts or e-mail. It’s plain that your job will not be yours for long now.

2. There is a sudden cut down in your responsibilities

You find yourself suddenly in charge of lesser tasks. Your set of responsibilities, just out of the blue, get lighter. Get the hint! It will be soon enough that you may have to search for a new job.

3. You have become the target of your boss

This method is actually very crude and unsophisticated; but nonetheless effective in getting rid of some staff. You often find yourself being the target of your boss’s ire. You are left wondering again, what is it that I did today to rub him the wrong way?

4. You get written warnings for even a slight slack in your performance

This is a very commonly used method of showing who’s the boss. Unfortunately, you are talking on your cell phone when your boss peeps into your cabin. The next day you receive a stern written warning saying, ‘We believe in leaving our personal lives outside these office doors. No personal talks within the office premises’. When such notices become frequent for issues that are petty, it’s a sign that you better put in your papers soon.

5. Your boss appears busy every time you are around

Receiving the cold shoulder, are you? Pick up the signs when your boss just looks right through you and seems occupied each time you see him. It’s better you resign now rather than be delivered the verdict when you are least expecting it.

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