6 Ways to Keep Faith in God During Tough Times

Ways to Keep Faith in God During Tough Times

Tough times come in everybody’s life. It is an inherent part of living life and cannot just be done away with. What can be done is make oneself able to deal with an adverse situation by keeping faith in and trusting God. Even if you are an atheist, you will face difficulties in life and in such situations, you must be able to believe that good will eventually follow and that this is not the end of the world. That is what keeping faith in God also means. Here are 6 ways to keep faith in God during tough times.

1. Maintain a positive attitude

Your attitude matters a lot. No matter what kind of a situation you are in, how you react to people, things and circumstances eventually determine the things that happen in your life. So in an adverse situation, if you lose your temper and start abusing everything and everybody, you will be attracting more and more people and situations that will only make your life worse. However, if you maintain a positive attitude, you will attract good things in life and gradually transcend the tough time that you are in, because it will not let you lose faith God.

2. Practice generosity

You will notice that it is mostly during happier times that most people are kind and generous. But you ought to be generous irrespective of your life problems because that is what it means to be human. By being kind and munificent in tough times, you affirm that you have not lost hope in God and will overcome all difficulties easily.

3. Avoid accusing others

During tough times, there will be a tendency to accuse others for your condition or situation and blame them (even God) for the misery that you are in. But remember that you are not being punished or anything but in fact you are just living life normally. Therefore, stop accusing and blaming others for your misfortune and reason for frustration and instead do something to get over it. That will help you keep faith in God and goodness in general, which will then come back to you in ways you may not foresee.

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