5 Signs Your Ex is Affecting Your Current Relationship

5 Signs Your Past Relationship is Holding You Back

Does your current boyfriend feel that in some ways, you are still not over your previous partner?
While this may be the case for several people,it can prove harmful to your present relationship. So sit up and take notice if you are letting your ex get in the way of your current relationship!

1. You want to do the same things you did with your ex

This basically means that you are unwilling to incorporate change in your life. In other words, you still want to eat at the same places that your ex liked, you still want to shop at the same malls, and basically want to do just about the same kinds of activities that you used to do in your previous relationship. It’s okay to keep doing these things and take your own sweet time to come out of them when you are not dating anyone new. However, if you have made a new boyfriend in an effort to move on, and are still doing the same things, then he is bound to feel that your ex kept you happier, or that whatever your current boyfriend is doing is of no good. This will detach him more from you, and will even start to annoy him at some point.

2. You compare your current boyfriend with your previous one

This is again going to irritate your boyfriend a lot. You may term it as ‘generally talking’ about your past relationship, but in your boyfriend’s head, he is losing battles everyday to your ex, in terms of keeping you happy. Never ever compare your current relationship to your previous one, because no two relationships can be the same. Plus, it will only stop you from enjoying the new things that a new guy can bring to you, because you will only be expecting him to do the same things as the old guy in your life. Don’t let that happen, and start a fresh relationship with your new guy, taking each day as it comes.

3. You want news on your ex

Do you still look for sources that can bring you some news or information on your ex? Are you still browsing through his social media profiles to know what’s happening in his life? The question is – why do you need information about him when he’s no longer in your life? You need to stop messing up your head by worrying about your ex or thinking too much about him, because in the process, you are forgetting and ignoring important moments of your present life with your new boyfriend.

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