7 Reasons Why Reading is the Best Hobby

7 Reasons Why Reading is the Best Hobby

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” This quote by Charles William Eliot is absolutely true! By reading you not only gain knowledge but also become self-aware. Listed below are some reasons why reading is the best hobby.

1. Gives you knowledge

The most obvious reason to read is to gain knowledge. If you read a book at least once a week, you would be able to gain vast knowledge of things and situations. This knowledge will then be useful for practical purposes of life. Reading helps to improve your IQ level, which is again an added advantage.

2. Improves vocabulary

If you read a book regularly, then it will help enhance your vocabulary to a great extent. Most published books are screened through the publication process for vocabulary and grammar. When you read a book which is accurate in grammar, it helps enhance your vocabulary.

3. Improves communication

Reading can actually help to improve your communication skills. Reading helps you to gain confidence while talking, which can work for you. If you have good language skills, naturally it will help to boost your self-assurance. This can then take you places in life.

4. Reduces stress

If you make reading a hobby, then it can help to reduce your stress level. Stress has become a common problem because of work and life balance. When you take time out to read, you will forget everything and get engrossed in it. This diverts your mind, which will then reduce your stress.

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