7 Wow Ways to Lose Weight This Summer

7 Wow Ways to Lose Weight This Summer

It is that time of the year again!! Time to bring out all those skimpy sexy dresses and get set for a superb bikini body. However, if you do not think you are ready just yet to put on your favorite summer wear, here are some easy ways for you to lose weight this summer.

1. Ditch the salad toppings

Salad is surely one of the healthiest food choices you could opt for. However, when you top it up with cheese cubes, dried fruits, vinaigrette dressing, etc., your calorie quotient shoots up instantly. Always opt for raw or steamed vegetable toppings with a low-fat dressing.

2. Have a “before” picture

It would help you more if this picture has you wearing a swimsuit. By doing this, you will have a baseline reference point to help you chart your progress. You could also take photos every week and compare them with the original.

3. Do not order wine by bottle

If you order wine by the glass and not by the bottle, you will be conscious of your alcohol intake. Since alcohol has lot of calories, this simple technique will help you drink moderately.

4. Eat fruit instead of drinking juice

It is a known fact that whole fruits keep you satiated for a longer duration than a box of juice. This in turn will reduce your overall eating.

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  1. Ava Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips. In addition to these, water also helps in reducing the weight. Taking 8 ounces glasses of water (approx. 2ltrs) daily can reduce the weight by enhancing the rate of metabolism.Water is an excellent source for reducing weight with no side effects. Inadequate water in the body can slow down the process of fat burning.

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