6 Ways to Save a Dying Relationship

6 Ways to Save a Dying Relationship

Relationship is 2 way street wherein both parties involved have to give and take. It has to be nurtured well, given time, love and care, only then will it keep growing. Every relation goes through rough patches where it seems like things are totally out of control and should be ended. It’s in these times in fact, that you should stay patiently strong and be the bigger person by taking the initiative to resurrect the crumbling situation. Here’s how you can do so.

1. Recognize the positives

Think about the pros of staying in this relationship. It’s a very whimsical and movie influenced thing that people do when they walk out of relationships because of the lack of something that they feel is important. In this media overdosed world, pop culture has influenced us into thinking what is essential and not essential in a relationship. Are you sure this is really a do or die situation? Can it not be mended at all? List down the positives of being with him, and if they outweigh the cons, then he’s a keeper.

2. Compare situations

Although it’s not advisable to compare ones relationship with others’, in the case of a dying relation, you should try this out. Share the situation with your friends and see whether they have it any better or worse. It’s like the saying, if people get a chance to put their problems on a table along with others’ problems, they will surely never trade them off and take back their problems.

3. Think about what attracted you in the first place

Surely he has many good qualities that attracted you to him in the first place. Sit back and think about them, the initial fun times when things were pretty smooth flowing. Have the circumstances changed so much since then? Is the problem with you or with him? Give this a thought and weigh the pros and cons of being with him.

4. Negotiate about commonest problems

Sit down with him and discuss about the issues that are the most common causes of your fights. Once they have been recognized, try to negotiate them by compromising a little and making him compromise too. Issues can be resolved when dealt with in a calm and mature manner.

5. Appreciate and be romantic

Be a little more free with your appreciation and compliments. Tell him how good he is at whatever you genuinely find good about him, don’t hold it within just because of some bad quality of his that seems to irritate you. He will surely recognize your efforts to help the relationship and do the same for you.

6. Sign up for classes together

Break the monotony of routine by signing up together for any classes, be it dance, cookery, sports, etc., you could take up membership to a new club or gym. Doing fun activities together will surely lessen the stress and make you both feel rejuvenated. The fun times will be back again, and you would think why you ever wanted to break up in the first place.

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