5 Signs you are In a One-Sided Relationship


What is worse than knowing you are in a one-sided relationship? Being told by that someone that you are in a one-sided relationship. Some may be nice about it and let you know sweetly that you do not stand a chance of going out with them, some, however, will make sure that they let you know in such a way that you will never get out of it. Instead of getting humiliated and giving up on love and relationships as a result of that, start looking for signs that let you know that you are in a one-sided relationship. Here are some signs that will help you in knowing that you are in a one-sided relationship.

1. The other person shows no sign of getting intimate with you

Let’s say you invite him or her home and watch a romantic movie, with a candle light dinner and some wine and that’s exactly what happens. You eat dinner, drink the wine and watch the movie. Nothing else happens. There is no talking out your hearts or making out sessions, but you two just have a good time being friends. This should be a clear sign that you are in a one-sided relationship. There is nothing more to it from the other side. The sooner you give up hope, the better it would be for you.

2. You do everything and there is no sign of an effort being made from the other side

It is always you who invites the other person out to a movie or a date. You never get invited for a date. All you get invites are for parties that are attended by at least 5-10 people. Your date is also everything but a date if the other person accepts it. The acceptance could be out of pity or a chance for him or her to tell you that you are wasting your time. If you have been going out of your way and getting cold-shouldered you should understand that it is a sign that you are in a one-sided relationship.

3. Your love interest talks to you about his or her love interest

This can be a pretty painful sign. When you are trying to let your love for him or her known, your special someone is busy telling you how they feel about someone special in their lives. This can be very painful and heart wrenching but try and get out of it with your dignity intact. Try not to cry.

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