5 Reasons Why You should not Marry Your Best Friend

Reasons Why You should not Marry Your Best Friend

Marrying your best friend seems like a really exciting idea. It is one of those things you dream about in high school, read about in books and watch in movies. However, there are those who are sick of it. These are the kind of people who say that marrying your best friend is like a settlement you are making because you couldn’t do any better. While they may not be entirely right about this (because there are times when people genuinely fall in love with their best friend), nobody can deny the fact that most such marriages keep you hanging in the middle, where you lose the best friend you had and never gain the lover you want to have. Here are some of the reasons why marrying your best friend is not exactly a great idea.

1. The relationship becomes stagnant

Yes, best friends are great when it comes to understanding and patience. But when it comes to lifelong companionship, you need someone more mature. You need someone who grows and evolves with you, and discovers new things about you each day. The kind of challenges that marriages throw at people, especially with financial matters and kids are not the kinds that can be solved with a person whom you consider a best buddy. That’s because best buddies sometimes think of crazy things or want to take decisions together, but marriages mean mature decisions and sometimes one person taking charge rather than the other.

2. A spouse shouldn’t always know everything

While it’s important to share important things about your past and present with your life partner, you can’t tell him or her just about everything that you tell your best friend. If you end up marrying your best friend, then he will know everything about your past ranging from your flings to college failures and a lot more. And sometimes, you need a break from being reminded about such embarrassing things, which can only happen when you marry someone who doesn’t know these details. It’s as good as saying that there are times when we want to hide a certain part of ourselves, and it’s not possible to do that with a best friend as a spouse.

3. You’ll take each other for granted

We get angry at each other as friends when they miss out on a birthday party or are late to some other important occasions. And then forgive them quickly too. But if they continue to do that even after marriage, then it becomes a problem. A marriage brings about some unspoken decorum and rules in the house and the relationship, and for a person who has known you too well since long, it’s easy to take each other for granted. Soon after, many such incidents might cause unnecessary fights and arguments.

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