8 Benefits of Doing Lunges


If you believe in full body workout, then lunge is the best form of workout for you. The workout not only helps to strengthen the body but also helps to increase your energy level. Do you know the many benefits of doing lunges? Here are some benefits of doing Lunges.

1. It helps in body balance

Lunges are perfect to maintain your body balance. As it is unilateral, it strengthens one side of your body at a time. By practicing it on a daily basis, you will be able to achieve a complete balance of the body. Lunges along with squats are fantastic for muscle strengthening of the body, thus increasing overall flexibility.

2. It maintains mobility

As lunges are good for increasing body strength, it maintains the mobility of the body. It helps to strengthen the lower body and prevents weakness of the leg muscles. Lunge is an excellent form of workout for women who suffer from muscle stiffness and soreness. But, it should be done under an expert advice.

3. It is more functional

Lunges are more functional as compared to any other type of workout. As it involves lots of lower body movements, it is like a complete strengthening regime. By practicing lunges workout on a regular basis, you can improve your body balance and overall fitness on the whole.

4. It helps to prevent injury

As lunges are good at strengthening the core muscles of the body, it prevents from any type of injury if the movements are done properly. It also helps to prevent muscle spasms and stiffness due to injury. It provides overall stabilization and strengthening of each muscle of the body, thus aiming at overall fitness.

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