8 Tastiest Street Foods from Around the World

8 Tastiest Street Foods from Around the World

One would have thought that in this day and age of fitness and health consciousness, the culture of street food would become a dying one but this is far from the truth. The business of street food vendors is ever increasing because there are people out there who are constantly inventing and reinventing new food items almost everyday. There are certain evergreen street foods which will always be enjoyed by majority of the people which have been listed below.

1. Pani puri of India

India is a country of huge variety and every part you go, you will find a totally different culture and way of living. It boasts of a variety of street food but one which enjoys the most popularity and is widely available on the streets of north India is pani puri. Little fried hollow balls called puris are dunked in spicy and sweet water and filled with boiled grams.

2. Hot Dogs of USA

If you are a tourist in the USA, then the taste of an authentic hot dog from a cart on the streets of USA will truly complete your all American experience. The succulent sausage wedged inside soft bread alongside tangy pickles and melting cheese make this dish a must try when in USA.

3. Falafel of Israel

Israeli falafel is a food item which has millions of fans around the world owing to its lip smacking taste. A pocket of warm pita bread is stuffed with deep fried falafel balls made from chickpeas, fresh crunchy salad, pickles, tahini aka sesame sauce and in many cases, French fries and hot chili sauce as well.

4. Churros of Spain

Spain is the rare country which boasts of having a dessert as its street food. Globally popular today, churros are basically thin, long strips of donut covered with powdered sugar and are generally had and served with warm chocolate to dip them in.

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