8 Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism of an individual depends largely upon his`/her genetics. But irrespective of one’s genetics, one can definitely boost up the rate of metabolism by eating the right foods. There are certain foods which when included in your everyday diet, work as a booster to your normal metabolism process. Listed here are 8 foods to boost your metabolism.

1. Water

Metabolism gets seriously affected and at times stunted when you are dehydrated. Therefore, one of the most important foods that you should have to improve your metabolism is water. Cold water, especially, triggers your body to burn more calories so as to warm up the water.

2. Coffee

Coffee and all beverages which contain caffeine are highly beneficial to boost your metabolism. Research shows that coffee drinkers have 16% higher metabolic rate than those who opt for decaf.

3. Green tea

Green tea contains a compound called EGCG which helps in increased fat burning in your body and therefore, boosts metabolism. Hence, you should skip the customary tea and coffee once a while and opt for green tea instead.

4. Milk

Milk contains calcium which, according to studies, boosts metabolism in your body. It helps in burning fat more effectively.

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