8 Tips on Mountain Holidays

8 Tips on Mountain Holidays

Holidays in the mountains are always sought after by people who want to break the monotony of their lives and are in need of relaxing from their daily routine. A mountain climber or a hiker for that matter, should understand that mountainous terrain can throw challenges and things are not always as pretty as they may appear. In the mountains, it’s always best to keep your mind clear and be prepared for anything, anytime . Here are a few tips which must be taken care of while preparing for a holiday in the mountains.

1. Plan early and research well

Holidays always and mountain holidays in particular need a lot of planning. This includes planning of route to be adopted, the final destination, the return route, your companions, etc. Being physically fit and mentally fresh are prerequisites for such holidays. Also make sure, you research well on the destination and the climatic conditions there.

2. Reach early

Arriving early at the base camp helps acclimatizing to the weather properly, which further helps greatly in picking up momentum when you begin trekking or climbing.

3. Be aware of surroundings

There are many people in the airports, tourist spots, watching every traveler to see who is a soft target for theft. Don’t be fooled thinking you are very clever. Professional thieves are extremely good at what they do. Be very thoughtful when reaching out to taxi drivers who offer you cheap fare. Go directly to an authorized taxi stand and get transportation there. Always stick together if you are traveling with your family.

4. Pack your bag properly

Always remember to pack all the holiday stuff before your holiday. The checklist should include a map, a compass, waterproof and warm clothing, adequate footwear and other necessities, such as a first aid kit and useful tools like an army all-purpose knife. Also pack emergency ration in your bag like chocolate bars and biscuits, in case you are stranded at some place for some hours.

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