7 Toughest Questions Interviewers Ask

7 Toughest Questions Interviewers Ask

Contrary to popular belief, an interviewer’s job is not to make your life miserable and grill you till you give up. Rather, his/her job is to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and to test if you are fit for the job. Here are few of the toughest questions interviewers ask.

1. Why did you leave your last job?
They want to know what is going inside your head; the reason you do things, and your perception of life, particularly where do you see yourself.

2. Why do you want this job?
They want to assess your real motives for the job – money, fame, nothing else to do. What?

3. Give an example of a situation where you saved the day!
They want to see to what extent you can go to get things right, and to what extent you have already gone.

4. What is your greatest achievement in life?
How you see your life, and how you view yourself is important for anyone who wishes to hire you. They want to judge the same.

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