9 Healthy Habits For Kids You Must Ensure The Kids Have

9 Healthy Habits For Kids You Must Ensure The Kids Have

You know there’s this fact that whatever your kids learn when they are growing up stays with them life long. Now, that can mean a whole lot of things. If they learn to misbehave and talk rudely with others, they will do that even as adults. If they are taught to be hygienic early on, they will stay clean even after they grow up. But who teaches them all of this? It’s the parents, of course and especially the mothers. So all you moms out there, read the following healthy habits that you must ensure your kids have, to make them good, responsible adults.

1. Being well mannered

You need to inculcate basic manners in your child early on in his/her life. This way, he/she will also grow to be a better person in life. You need to teach your kid to say the three magic words, ‘please’, ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ whenever possible and whenever the need arises. You also need to teach your toddler basic manners and what to do and what not to do in certain situations like not to get up from the dining table while others are eating, that it’s rude to point and not to give back answers to elders and so on.

2. Eating healthy

Kids must be taught to eat good and nutritious food. Telling them not to eat junk food when they are in their teens is a waste of time because they have been brought up that way. But if you tell your toddler that he/she should have vegetables, fruits, milk and other healthy food items, which provide him/her with the essential carbohydrates, nutrients, vitamins and proteins, as a part of his/her diet, you will not have to worry about what your kid would prefer eating as a teen.

3. Keeping hands clean

You should also tell kids how to keep their hands clean every time they come home from school or play. Even at your home, if your kids’ hands get dirty, they should know how to wash them properly. Thus, ingrain the habit of washing hands thoroughly in your kids. Show them the right method to wash their hands; using soap and warm water, lathering it on the front and the back of their hands, removing dirt from their nails if any and then rinsing properly with water.

4. Taking good dental care

You don’t want your poor lil’ one suffering from a bad tooth decay or toothache, do you? If not, you must teach your toddler how to brush his/her teeth and keep them clean. You must tell him/her about the right method to brush his/her teeth; which includes brushing for at least 2 minutes, and properly cleaning the upper, lower and inside part of his/her teeth. One more thing you need to teach your toddler is to brush his/her teeth twice a day, in the morning and at night before going to sleep.

5. Not sharing personal care items

Personal care items include things such as combs, hats, brushes, toothbrushes, forks, drinking straws, cups, spoons, horns or any other object that you can put your mouth on. That list can be quite daunting, since you never know what your kids put into their mouth! These items are a haven for germs and bacteria. You should explain to your toddler that it’s okay to share his/her toys with other kids, but these items should not be shared.

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