5 Signs of an Unhealthy Marriage

5 Signs of an Unhealthy Marriage

They say that marriages are made in heaven. Well, that’s debatable! But even if we were to believe that, maintaining those marriages and making them successful is left to mere mortals on Earth. While some couples manage to handle their marriages well, there are those who can’t let a single day pass without fighting, arguing, sulking or cribbing.

A healthy marriage is one where both people involved are happy individually, as well as in each other’s companionship. If that’s not happening, then chances are that the marriage and the relationship are going off-track. Listed here are a few signs of an unhealthy marriage.

1. Infidelity

One of you, or both of you have started cheating on the other person. If you or your partner is finding better comfort in extra-marital affairs, then that’s the biggest and most obvious signal that you are no longer interested in your spouse’s company.

2. Too Many Differences

While having a difference in opinions is normal in most relationships, having too many of them can bring in some serious troubles, especially when neither of you is ready to accept the other person’s views even for the sake of coming to a consensus or some mutually comfortable conclusion. This could mean too many arguments and fights, which eventually kill the love and harmony in the marriage.

3. Unequal Efforts

You usually end up listening to your dominating husband and are usually the one making most compromises and sacrifices. Or he ends up saying a yes to all your thoughts and opinions on kids and family matters. This kind of a situation means that one of you is making more sacrifices than the other, and that person is the one putting in all the efforts to make the marriage work, while the other one isn’t. This imbalance of efforts, adjustments and compromises can lead to a clash, and also kills the individual freedom and happiness of the person making more sacrifices.

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