7 Advantages of Being an Only Child

Advantages of Being an Only Child

Single children may not have the blessing of having a caring sibling, but they do have quite a few advantages that may very well be termed as blessings. We present you here the reasons to rejoice your life as an only child.

1. You get a whole room

Whether you live in a small flat or a palatial bungalow, one thing is for sure; that if you are the only child, you would be getting a room for yourself. There would be no sibling sharing it, and making your life hell by not keeping the room as you want it to be kept. You get your peace and space sans any intrusions.

2. No sharing parents’ love

You are the apple of your parents’ eyes. There is no one else that will be loved as much as you by your parents, and thus they will be doting on you. A lot of times, parents of the only child are available at the beck and call of the child, making the child feel loved and special.

3. Highly pampered

If you are the only child, you’ll be highly pampered, as your parents have more resources to spend and invest owing to the lack of another child. You’ll literally get whatever you ask for.

4. More freedom

Since most parents give in to the demands of their only child, you will tend to get more freedom than your other counterparts who have siblings. There is freedom to voice your opinions, do frank talks, go out and see the world, etc.

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