3 Different Makeup Brushes And Their Uses

3 Different Makeup Brushes And Their Uses

Makeup brushes are available in various types and each of them is used for a specific purpose. Good makeup artists always have their own collection of makeup brushes as collection of good brushes of different types can deliver their clients with satisfying results. By understanding different makeup brushes and their uses, you can easily indulge in a flawless makeup at ease. Makeup brushes are primarily divided into the following three types.

1. Makeup brushes for eyes

Eye makeup brushes mainly include six types of brushes and they are all used for different purposes.

a. Blending Brush: It is a very important eye shadow brush which helps in blending your eye shadow for delivering a softer look.

b. Angled brush: It is used to blend your eye creases.

c. Shadow brush: It is used to apply shadow over the eyelid.

d. Eyeliner brush: It is a very thin brush which is mainly used for applying liquid eyeliner.

e. Mascara brush: It consists of sturdy bristles which help in applying mascara to your lashes.

f. Eyebrow brush: It is mainly used to provide a definite shape to the eyebrows.

2. Brushes for lips

Retractable lipstick brush and the long handled brush are the two important lip brushes which help in delivering the final touch to your lips. Retractable lipstick brush is used for retracting the dab of lipstick applied to your lips and the long handled brush is mainly used at home.

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