10 Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

10 Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

Recently, there has been growing awareness on the health benefits of Olive Oil. An increasing number of people have replaced their regular oils with olive oil for the purpose of cooking, as it is healthier. However, not many people are aware that in the ancient times, many women used Olive Oil as part of their daily beauty care and treatments as well, Cleopatra being one of them. If you are wondering how exactly Olive Oil helps in improving and enhancing your beauty, go through these lovely uses and benefits.

1. It gives nourishment to the hair

Warm a little olive oil and massage it on your hair and scalp. Leave it on for about an hour before washing it off with shampoo. It works as a great treatment to provide nourishment and shine to your hair.

2. It acts as a shaving cream

When you’ve run out of shaving cream, simply apply olive oil generously to your body parts. It will help the razor go smooth, and will prevent from cuts, wounds and rashes.

3. It acts as a revitalizer

Olive oil is close in composition to the skin’s natural oil. So for someone facing dry skin issues, a facemask can be made by mixing olive oil with honey and egg yolk. This mask revitalizes the skin and maintains the natural skin color and health.

4. It treats sunburns

Just apply a little olive oil to your sunburns, and get instant relief. The oil also works well for treating many kinds of skin irritations due to its healing properties.

5. It works as a makeup remover

Most people believe that removing make up with oil will only clog the pores more and make the skin condition worse. However, that’s not true. Olive Oil, in fact, attracts the oil from stubborn make up on the face and removes it gently. Follow it up with a good face wash.

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