How to Make Up With Him After a Tiff?

How to Make Up With Him After a Tiff?

This is almost an everyday thing, especially with young couples. Every other day there are little things that they quarrel about, which can be overlooked. When it comes to the big fights though, you need to make sure you are the one making up to him. And when you’re doing that, you must keep in mind it is about him and not about you. You need to also keep in mind little things help in little tiffs. For the bigger ones, you need to really work hard and talk it out.

Guys might be all manly but they have an emotional side as well. A small sorry note might not end all the misunderstandings but it’s a start! You could apologize in many different ways, take him out for a change, call his friends over and plan a good guy-time for him. Also, you could cook for him his favorite dish.

You can start making up to him by doing simple things like showing interest in what he likes or something that he usually follows. Ask him to help you with it. Try to change yourself in ways he would like to.

Remember, you need to take the first step forward after a fight and do not wait for him to make up as that would irritate him all the more. Be the better person and approach him first. Little things add up and this might just melt his heart. Don’t think it is too cheesy, because if he really loves you, he just needs a plain ‘Sorry and I love you’ and the rest will be fine.

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