8 Secrets Your Bank Teller Wont Tell You

8 Secrets Your Bank Teller Wont Tell You

There are a few things you need to check for yourself before you transact with a bank, as there are many things that a bank teller won’t tell you upfront as some mistakes on your part only mean more money for them. Here are some secrets that a bank teller would never tell you, but are important that you know, if you do not want to waste time and energy going to the bank again and again.

1. Checks take three days to be credited to your account

So make sure you don’t write checks for the money that still has not been credited to your account. Bounced checks come with a fine of 30 dollars or more. The bank teller won’t tell you this, but it’s something you need to keep in mind.

2. Loss and theft protection of your credit and debit cards

Instead of finding out the hard way about the losses you incur after the loss or theft of your card, you need to find out for yourself about the protection your bank offers you in case you lose your card or if it gets stolen.

3. Universal default clause

When you apply for a credit card with your bank, make sure you are not signing the universal default clause. This clause lets the bank go through your other credit statements and if you default on one, the interest rates can be made higher on your current card.

4. Online banking

There are always chances that the teller at your bank has no idea about how stuff works in online banking and there have been instances when online banking is not as safe as it is advertised to be. Make sure that the websites that you bank redirects you too are safe too.

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