Is Your Preteen Demanding Makeup? Know These Top Facts Before Giving In

Is Your Pre-Teen Demanding Makeup? Know These Top Facts Before Giving In

Rightly called ‘The Makeup Debate’ by many, it is quite a concern in the fast moving world we live in today. Dangerous trends among teens have left experts and parents like you and me worried. What is the right age for your teen to use makeup? Let’s see what experts have to say.

1. Find out why she wants makeup

Peer pressure, male attention, latest trends, celebrity influence – there are many reasons why your daughter can come up to you one fine day and ask for makeup. If you think that it’s too soon, try and get to the source, talk to her and wriggle her mind out from makeup.

2. Before you start complaining – look around you

When an 11-year old girl on the show, ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ puts on makeup, it is definitely a worry! Don’t be surprised if your teenager or even preteen daughter comes up to you and says “I want to look like Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus!” And be rest assured to hear phrases like “Everyone is wearing it at school” or “It’s not fair”. So before you get into any kind of discussion or argument with your kid – be warned. The rules have changed and this generation is out to look good at a very early age.

3. Know the consequences

Some experts suggest that using makeup at a very young age may lead to increased attention from the boys. Well, me and you both know that makeup makes a young woman a little more mature and defined. Before you read any further, let me warn you to think of the consequences of you allowing your daughter to use makeup. If you are confused, I reckon you sit back with a nice hot cup of coffee and think to yourself “Is this just harmless fun or is she getting serious too early?”

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