6 Phone Etiquette Tips

6 Phone Etiquette Tips

Telephones have made communication quicker and faster. They connect you with almost everyone at any time of the day. And with mobile phones, the connectivity just increases as you can carry it anywhere and the other person is just a few swipes or clicks away. This however also causes problems at times. Because you have a phone with you does not mean you can call and talk at any time. Just as there is etiquette to good dining and many other things, there are a few rules or etiquette that one needs to follow when they are on the phone. Here are a few phone etiquette tips.

1. When you call, don’t wait for the person to ask who you are

It is always best to identify who you are when you make the call. It helps to keep the calls shorter and you can also get the reply you expect. When you are in an office, and attending the common phone, always mention your department along with your name. Also do not forget to greet the other person.

2. Hay is not a greeting

Say hello when you answer or when you call. Yeah or yes or hey is just plain rude, especially when you do not know who is calling. A plain help or a help followed by your name is the best way to answer a phone or start a telephonic conversation

3. Mention the name of the person you are calling

If you are calling to ask for someone, mention the name of the person in your introductory line. You can say I am Jane calling to speak with Sinead. It’s easier when you also mention the department your friend or the person you are calling is working for.

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