6 Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

6 Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

Yummy fries, aerates drinks, pizza, cheese, corn, junk food, genes, heredity and genetically modified food all and much more contribute to diabetes. Added to this is your lifestyle, childhood obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Diabetes when not controlled or taken proper care of can be very debilitating and can sometime turn life threatening. There are some foods that one must avoid and some that one can take in moderation when you have diabetes- That also does not mean you have to live like a hermit. If you know the right foods to avoid, you can have a pretty normal healthy life, provided you continue your medications. Keep away from those dangerous foods and you can keep your sugar levels in check. Here are some foods that you have to think twice about touching when you have diabetes.

1. Nachos

A quick meal but also a loaded meal that comes packed with a lot of calories. A regular order of nachos comes packed with 360 calories, and comes with fat, saturated fat, sodium and carbohydrates, all enemies to diabetes and which can shoot up your sugar levels real quick.

2. Biscuits and sausage gravy

Completes a very tasty breakfast, but is also very dangerous to people suffering from diabetes. I t has fat and a bit of saturated fat too, which is highly unhealthy for a diabetic. There is also a lot of sodium that is over the recommended levels.

3. Fish and chips

It is batter fried and comes with fried potatoes, taking away all the health benefits of fish. Fish is normally considered to be the safest food whenever you are on a diet, but not when it is batter fried and comes with sides of fries and sauces.

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