9 Signs You are Verbally Abused

9 Signs You are Verbally Abused

Verbal abuse is a form of domestic violence and it is like the thunder before the arrival of a storm. More often than not, it leads to physical violence. The tricky thing is that it is difficult to know if a person is being verbally abused by someone as it does not show any physical bruises, a black eye, or any scars. Verbal abuse can shatter a person from the inside and it can happen in any relationship. Here are some signs that you are being verbally abused.

1. Giving you unwarranted criticism

It is good if your partner criticizes you or your ways of life sometimes. But when such criticism becomes an everyday affair, beware. Many a times you are told that the criticism is for your own good. Think it over. Is criticism always for your good? Or is there something else happening in your relationship?

2. Calling you names

Calling the other person names and swearing at the other person is a sure sign of verbal abuse. It is even more hurtful when your partner makes it a point to embarrass you in front of your friends, relatives or his friends and relatives. It is like stripping you of your dignity. A foul name not only embarrasses you in front of others but also makes you feel less confident.

3. Raising his voice while talking to you

Is your partner constantly shouting or screaming at you for everything? Is he trying to put you down for every little thing that you do? If the answer is yes, then is it definitely a sign of verbal abuse. This may eventually result in physical abuse. The more you satisfy the ego of your partner, the more dominant he will become.

4. The blame game

Are you the one who inevitably gets blamed for everything that goes wrong in the house or in the relationship? If you are the one who is solely blamed for the bills not being paid, kids not doing well in studies, kids watching too much of TV, the house not being cleaned well, and so on, then it is a sign of verbal abuse.

5. Making you the butt of every joke

Do you often find yourself the center of all your partner’s cruel jokes? Does it seem to amuse him to disrespect you by cracking a joke about you? If you are the brunt of all your partner’s abusive or demeaning jokes, then it is a sure sign that you are being verbally abused.

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