4 Reasons You Should Know Your Blood Type

4 Reasons You Should Know Your Blood Type

Blood type is not merely a category on your identity card. It prevents health risks, makes you aware of your needs, helps people in case of an emergency and take important decisions. Research suggests that there is a significant relation between blood type and health related ailments. Here are 5 reasons why you should know your blood type.

1. It will save your life if you have to face accidents or terminal illness

Meeting with accidents and emergency surgeries require blood transfusion. You might be in immediate need. If you’re aware of your blood type and it is noted down by the hospital staff, you can get immediate blood transfusion and the required medical attention. Even in case of breast cancer, you would know how to take preventive measures.

2. It’s a deciding factor in family planning

Before you get married, you need to know if you can have a baby together. Family planning experts say, some blood types should not be mixed. Couples with RH+ve and RH-ve are very likely to give birth to children with health problems. Hence some states require you to do a blood test along with applying for a marriage license.

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