7 Challenges All Parents Face

7 Challenges All Parents Face

The hardest part about parenting is the fact that you have to accept that your child is an individual who is capable of existing independent of you. Therefore, when there are things which make you see that your child is growing up, it makes you happy. You become so intricately involved in creating a perfect life for your child that you end up taking too much tension and start worrying for your child’s well being. Listed here are the 7 challenges all parents face.

1. Deciding your child’s name

The first great challenge that every parent faces is deciding upon a good name for their son/daughter. There are plenty of things to keep in mind: one has to consider the incessant ideas and suggestions that one is bombarded with from friends, family and relatives; one has to see that the name should sound good, should not have any pun attached so as to prevent future humiliation and so on. Then there is the challenge of finally agreeing upon a name when everyone else thinks it is too simple or complicated and so on.

2. Preparing your child for school admission

Another challenge that parents face is at the time of their kid being old enough for school. First is, of course, deciding which school would be the best. As a parent, you need to do a lot of research, ask around and check with relatives and friends who already have kids in schools, and then finalizing upon a few good schools. You then need to prepare your kid for the very crucial interview which will eventually determine whether or not he/she gets admitted to a school of your choice. Then comes the stage where your kid is admitted to a school and you need to convince him/her to go there and explain to him/her how important school is.

3. Controlling what he/she watches on TV

Another huge challenge as far as parental control is concerned is that you have to find a way to monitor what your kid watches on television. With the amount of violence and sexuality on television these days, you will want to keep a tab on how much he/she is exposed to.

4. Letting him/her travel alone

When your kid comes of age, he/she will want to travel alone and would not want you to accompany him/her everywhere. This is something every parent is skeptical about in the beginning and worries too much about what kind of company the kid will be in, whether he will be safe or not and so on. You will habitually be concerned about his/her safety. But you must let go and have faith in your child: Remember how you were like at such an age.

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