7 Reasons You Should Compliment Others for the Smallest of Reasons

Reasons You Should Compliment Others for the Smallest of Reasons

“It is always the compliments from people you love that mean so much” – Maria Bamford. How do you feel when someone compliments you? You feel good, don’t you? Paying a simple compliment for a small thing will make people feel good about themselves and their life. Listed below are some reasons why you should compliment others for the smallest of reasons.

1. Compliments do not cost anything

Paying a compliment for a small reason does not cost you anything. But, it surely motivates the person you are paying it to. It helps to boost the confidence level of that person. When you compliment someone for a small thing, that person will try to achieve something bigger and better.

2. You need to be kind

Complimenting someone is a part of your kindness. And, you might have heard that kindness does not kill. By complimenting someone, you are making that person happy. By being kind, you are enhancing your personality. It is a two way thing.

3. What you give comes back

You must have heard that what goes around comes back to you. If you compliment people on their small achievements in life, you will also receive compliments in return. If everything is good, you will feel positive about everything around you.

4. It builds trust

In this competitive world, people are actually jealous of each other. They cannot handle the fact that the other person is getting ahead of them. By complimenting, you would get that assurance of goodness back in life. When you compliment someone, that person will feel positive about you. This will surely increase the trust between you and that person. It is always a win-win situation.

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