5 Reasons Love at First Sight May not be Good

Reasons Love at First Sight May not be Good

It happens a lot of times that we see a person across a crowded place, exchange a smile or two, have a small conversation and fall in love with him. Before we know it, we are daydreaming about our life ahead with that person and have possibly thought of what the wedding venue will look like or what the kids will be named.

Well, hold on there! This is utter madness! You cannot be thinking about your future so much in detail with a person you’ve just met! Sure, he may be extremely good looking, and might also be wonderfully compatible in the first few interactions that you have with him. But there is a lot more to a person than what he appears to be in the first meeting.

Love at first sight seems like a great idea when watching it happen in the movies or when reading fairytales, but the modern day practicality gives us plenty of reasons to understand why it may not be so good after all. Check out 5 reasons why love at first sight may not be good.

1. It’s a crush, not love

When you just go by the face value of a person and get attracted to him only because of the way he dresses or carries himself, you are only developing a crush in your head and heart. True love is very different from this. Love means knowing the person for who he actually is, while a crush is one that develops just by looking at the person. Needless to say, the former takes some time to happen and cannot materialize at the first glance itself.

2. It’s like limiting the love

Love is best experienced when you let it grow gradually. If you look at a person and ‘love’ him instantly, that means you have in a way put a full stop to the feeling by saying that you have reached the peak of the mountain already. However, true love is best when you spend time with a person, get to know him better, fall in love with him more and more every day and gradually climb up the mountain to finally reach the peak. That way, you are letting your love grow in a way that the mountain itself keeps getting bigger and you realize that there is still more love inside you to give to the person and reach the peak!

3. It’s momentary

True love is one that has been etched in your head and heart, and stays there for the longest time. If you label the momentary attraction that you have had for a person as ‘love’, then you are basically limiting your feeling to that moment, not giving it a chance to leave an impact in your heart. So even if you do get into a relationship with that person, chances are that it may end very soon because you will soon feel bored or out of love for that person. It won’t be a long lasting or permanent feeling.

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