4 Surprise Nominations for 2014 Oscars

Surprise Nominations for 2014 Oscars

The nominations for Oscars always have their own share of surprises and snubs. 2014 is no exception to this. If you are a big Oscars fan, then you must know about some shocking omissions that made everyone wonder how could these performances go unnoticed! Take a look.

1. Oprah Winfrey

The most shocking omission in the Oscars nomination list is that of Oprah Winfrey. She got lot of critical acclaim as wife of the butler in the movie directed by Lee Daneils. Everybody expected her name in the Golden Globes list too. But, it is a bad thing that she did not manage even a single nomination for such a powerful role in the movie. This is certainly a big surprise!

2. Enough Said

There is not a single nomination for the movie at the Oscars. This romantic comedy was the best in its genre. Everyone expected at least three nominations in the best actor, best actress and best movie category. But, it did not manage to get even a single nomination in the Oscars. Sad, should we say.

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