8 Interesting Facts to Know About the Recently Introduced Bullet Proof Blankets for Kids

Interesting Facts to Know About the Recently Introduced Bullet Proof Blankets for Kids

In the wake of the recent school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut as well as the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, Walker County Sheriff, Steve Wilson has come up with an innovative solution – the bulletproof blanket. This blanket is supposed to save children from bullets as well as falling debris during any natural disaster like a tornado or an earthquake. In the midst of plenty of controversies, there are some positives and negatives in these blankets which are meant to protect lives. Listed here are 8 interesting facts to know about these recently introduced bullet proof blankets for kids.

1. This blanket is named as the Bodyguard Blanket and is made up of a material called Dyneema, which is a lightweight material similar to Kelvar which is used in the bulletproof jackets worn by the police and soldiers.

2. Taking into consideration the loss to life and property caused by the tornado in Moore, the bulletproof blanket designed by Steve Wilson is no good. This blanket could not have saved the children in Moore because the tornado was measured as one of the strongest in the region with heavy winds which blew at an average of 200 miles per hour. These blankets are just not strong and heavy enough.

3. According to CNN, these blankets may have saved the children in Moore from falling debris, but most of the children who died were victims of suffocation and drowning when the whole building collapsed on them. In such cases, the blanket would have been of little help.

4. The manufacturers of the Bodyguard Blanket, however, admit that the blanket will not provide complete protection from tornadoes, and in case of such a calamity, one should always seek storm shelters first.

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