5 Reasons You Should Always Keep Your Resume Updated

5 Reasons You Should Always Keep Your Resume Updated

When you stay at the same job for many years or at the same company for a long period of time and are happy with your job, there are chances that you have not bothered to look up your resume to make changes in it. When you stay in a job, you tend not to update your resume with the new things you do in your current job. Some only update major promotions but do not bother with the minor contributions that they make and the little awards that they get. You may think that not updating your resume is perfectly fine if you are not looking for a new job anytime soon, but you could be wrong. An updated resume is as good as it is to you now as it is when you are looking for a new job and here are some reasons as to why you should keep your resume updated always.

1. Presenting yourself as an expert

Say you have been called to deliver a lecture or a presentation. The first thing that the organizing committee would ask you is for your resume. This is to present you as well as cement your status as an expert on the particular subject. You always need to back up your talents with a good resume, so you can accept and apply for conferences without having to think too much about it.

2. Being nominated

There are always awards going around in companies to boost up employee morale and to recognize the services that they have rendered. You can be nominated anytime for an achievement award and the person who nominates you must be able to access your updated and current resume so he or she could confidently pitch in for your selection. To prevent last minute scrambling and updating your resume, make it a point to update it every month.

3. Looking for some freelance work

You might have a full time job but you will be open to some freelance work on the side or be willing to collaborate with someone on a paper or something else. In this case, you need to have an updated resume and keep it in a place where you can access it easily as freelance jobs are high in demand and the more effective you will be in getting a freelance gig the faster you are in responding.

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