5 Reasons You Should Always Keep Your Resume Updated

4. Employers are always looking

It does not matter if you are not looking for a job, there are job agencies, head hunters and employers who are always surfing the net to find someone for their organization. If you have an updated resume in one of the public job sites, they can see it and even offer you a job. You never know, but this could be a better position than the one you are currently in.

5. Internal promotions

There are also internal promotions within the organization and it helps to have an updated resume at hand so you can apply for a position as soon as you see it displayed on the notice board.

There are so many important reasons as to why you should always keep your resume updated and looking for a new job should not be your only reason to update your resume. In these days when getting a job is difficult you always need to be ready to stay ahead of the pack.

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