5 Things to Donate to the Poor This Christmas

5 Things to Donate to the Poor This Christmas

With all the celebrations and grand parties, you should forget the true meaning of Christmas- the spirit of love, togetherness and most importantly sharing. A Christmas would not be complete if you do not share all the good things that you have with those who are less privileged than you and the many poor people who you see almost every day. Sharing your good fortune with the poor this Christmas will make your blessing manifold and you will be happier just seeing the happy smiles on the faces of the recipients. You do not have to spend a ton on gifting people in need. If you cannot afford new ones, you can always look inside your home to think of giving away things that are extra or that you can live without. Here is a list of things that you can donate to the poor this Christmas.

1. Clothes

A lot of poor people cannot afford good clothes, forget new clothes, it will be a great gift to them if you can donate some warm clothes. Rummage your closet for warm clothes from last season and gift it to them. Make sure that they are wearable for as much as it is a donation you also want them to maintain their dignity.

2. Food

If you are hosting a big Christmas dinner or a party and are left with lots of food, do not throw it away. Find a shelter, a food bank or charity that gives meals to poor people and take your food there. Take it to them when it is still fresh and good to taste. Do not wait for the next day as everyone would love to have a hot Christmas meal. You can also make some extra food this year to donate to the poor.

3. Gifts

There will always be things in the attic that you have no idea what to do it. Instead of being a pack rat, you can give away some of those things as gifts to the people in need. You can do some good with the things lying around with no one to use it. If you have your kid’s old toys, you can talk with them and gift the toys away.

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