9 Reasons Why Curly Hair is The Best

9 Reasons Why Curly Hair is The Best

Curly hair has always been a mystery. People have always loved straight hair as most of them are under the impression that straight hair is easier to style and also maintain. But if you go to see it, curly hair has become a fashion statement in its own special way. Here are a few reasons why curly hair is the best.

1. Is easy to style

Straight hair is difficult to style as it is very monotonous. On the contrary, with curly hair you have a variety of hairstyles, ranging from braids to buns to a puff to a French roll. Curly hair is blessed with versatility all the way.

2. Keeps your scalp cooler

Curly hair grows away from the scalp unlike straight hair which grows downwards, sticking to the scalp. The turns and twists of curly hair work like air pockets and windows for the scalp. They let air to flow through, which reaches and cools the scalp down even in extreme heat. This makes curly hair ideal for summers.

3. Is moisture resistant

Curly hair tends to shrink when it is wet. This tendency is very different from other textures. So how does this help? It stays put in humid conditions. You don’t need to wipe it off your face.

4. Has a lot of volume

Though it looks dense, people with curly hair are said to have the lowest hair density when compared to any other hair type. It doesn’t look so because it looks like the thickest of all hair types. It is naturally very voluminous.

5. Protects from harmful rays

Harmful UV rays can enter the root and scalp by way of the hair shaft. However, curly hair reacts differently. Due to its curls and waves, it does not allow rays to reach the scalp, thus protecting it from harmful rays.

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