7 Reasons You Get Frequently Cheated On in Relationships

5. You do not learn from mistakes

You have had a number of relationships now. But you have been cheated on in all of them. Are you noticing any pattern? Do you actually realize how things begin to go wrong in each case? Are you doing anything to change them? If you do not learn from your past mistakes, the same misfortune will befall you again and again.

6. You are attracted to disloyal men

You could just be attracted to men who are disloyal in nature. Disloyal men have certain personality traits which seem to attract you more than traits in loyal men. Sometimes, it may just be bad luck that you fall in love with those who are conditioned to cheat on you. You may have to change your preferences and seek out men who are not ‘your type’!

7. You do not make them feel valued

Another reason why you seem to be constantly cheated upon is probably that you do not make your partner feel valued. Sometimes we take a lot of things in life for granted and only realize their value once they are gone. You may be taking the persons you fall in love with for granted and begin expecting too much from them. They may be feeling undervalued or disregarded and therefore the cases of cheating.

All you need to do is change your outlook towards your partners and life in general a bit, and things will fall back into place. Get rid of traits that push partners away from you and instead adapt characteristics that will not only attract them, but will make them stick.

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