5 Reasons Why You Must Choose Your Own Life Partner

5 Reasons Why You Must Choose Your Own Life Partner

Everyone keeps harping over love marriages. It’s as if there is some massive campaign or movement going on against the idea of arranged marriages or parents and guardians choosing a life partner for you. But have you ever really sat down and pinpointed at the exact reasons as to why love marriages are better? Why is it that people want to choose their life partners on their own, and not entrust anyone else with that responsibility? Perhaps, the reasons mentioned here will help you develop clear thought, and will guide you on why you must choose your own life partner.

1. Once a stranger, never a friend!

You cannot imagine your entire life with someone, until and unless you know them fairly well enough. The sole reason why arranged marriages leave people upset is because it becomes too late for them to discover that they have nothing in common with their partner. On the other hand, when you already know some things about a person, such as their likes and dislikes, their mood swings etc., you find it easier to deal with them and take your life forward in a constructive manner.

2. Love is the biggest motivation

When you’re in love with someone, that’s your biggest motivation to keep taking the relationship forward. But when you meet a stranger and are expected to marry that person, you have no motivation to work out the differences, sort out arguments and take the relationship forward. In a forced arranged marriage, you are always tempted at the back of your mind to look for the exit. However, when you’re in love with the person you’ve married, you’d always be striving hard to make things work and will never look for the exit soon.

3. To be answerable to self

You don’t want to wake up one morning, realize that your marriage is in a mess, and then blame someone else for it. You’d rather take the responsibility on your own head, because that way, you are only answerable to yourself. And the reason why you want to be answerable only to yourself is because that’s the only way you will be able to figure out solutions on your own. So if tomorrow, the decision of marrying your boyfriend is something you regret, you can choose to walk out of the relationship. But if your parents have fixed up a marriage with a person and you are unhappy, you’d blame them, and somewhere expect them to sort out the mess. And by the way, they might not want to do that and would end up giving suggestions of continuing on the marriage. So better to take decisions on your own, right?

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