9 Yogurt Face Masks

9 Yogurt Face Masks

For all those in search of natural remedies for skin damage, yogurt is a blessing in disguise. When mixed with some easily available foods, yogurt can do wonders to your face. You can add extra points to your beauty quotient by applying these yogurt face masks regularly. Read ahead to know more about them.

1. Plain yogurt face mask

Apply a thin layer of yogurt on dark circles for 15 minutes before going to sleep. Due to its effective bleaching properties, yogurt can bring definite results within a week’s time.

2. Lemon juice and yogurt face mask

Yogurt is quite effective against age spots and blemishes. Prepare a face mask with the help of lemon juice and yogurt and apply it on the affected areas for a blemish free face.

3. Chamomile oil and yogurt face mask

Chamomile is an essential oil, which when added to organic yogurt, can turn it into a very beneficial concoction. Its regular application can help to reduce spots.

4. Turmeric, honey and yogurt face mask

Yogurt can also be used along with turmeric powder and honey to reduce tanning. The treatment becomes further effective with chickpea flour which also helps in drying the yogurt.

5. Olive oil and yogurt face mask

Mixing yogurt with olive oil helps to reduce wrinkles and delay the signs of aging. It is an ideal remedy for those who wish to avoid premature aging of skin.

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