Hairstyles for Your Face Shape – Which One Is Right for You?

Hairstyles for Your Face Shape - Which One Is Right for You?

Pull back all your hair and first check what shape your face is, whether it is round, rectangular, long, oval or heart shaped. You might wonder why the face shape matters when you want to get your haircut. Well, the whole point of a haircut is to have it frame your face right and make you good-looking and stylish. Without considering your face shape before getting a haircut will only result in a massive head-mop disaster. Here’s what all you want to know about the best hairstyles for your face shape.

1. Oval

Having oval shaped face is the personification of precision. The forehead will match the width of the chin and the prominent cheek-bones are simply the highlight of such a face. One can easily pull off any sort of radicle look, thanks to the perfect proportion of their face. Keeping a fringe with the curls or steps is best suitable, though any haircut will suit a woman with this face cut.

2. Round

This shape is for those who have full cheeks and a faintly chubby face. Layered or feathered bangs are what you are looking for if you want a slimming effect. Soft curls are flattering for such face shapes. Keep hair sleek towards the sides and dense at the roots. This makes your face look longer and less chubby, if that is what you are going for. Leave a fringe to frame your brow and soft bangs about the hairline.

3. Heart-shaped

Easy to confuse between an oval and a heart shaped face. While the oval face will be of equal width at the temples and the chin, heart face will begin to get narrower face down and a pointy chin is the trademark. For such a lovely shape, feather cut is ideal. Bob it short and make the ends point away from your face. The result will be a pleasing one since it will help balance out the broad forehead with the slender chin. Be careful not to keep fringes that hug the edges of your face, making it appear narrower.

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