The Best of Robin Williams

The Best of Robin Williams

Robin McLaurin Williams established himself as one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. He was recognized by his role in the TV serial ‘Mork and Mindy’. He has won many awards and has fared extremely well in whatever he has done. From the time he worked in serials to his latest voice delivery in the movie Happy Feet, he has left everyone bewildered by his work. Talking about him, it is not fair if his best performances are left out without even being mentioned. Enlisted here is the best of Robin Williams.

1. ‘Mork and Mindy’ is a science fiction series in which Mork, played by Robin Williams, is an alien who arrives on Earth from the planet named Ork. Mork and Mindy was ranked #94 on the Top 100 Greatest Episodes of All Times compiled by the TV Guide. It made its place on the small screen by running 4 seasons successfully that were viewed by almost everyone. The character Mork provided Robin a break in the industry. He won the Golden Globe Award for the best actor for the very same TV soap.

2. In 1987, Robin starred in a master blaster called “Good Morning Vietnam”. This movie is a comedy drama set in Saigon during the Vietnam War. The movie is screened regularly on TV till the present date. Robin Williams played the role of an Airman Second Class, Adrian Cronauer. It’s a movie worth watching. Robin has played a brilliant part in it and deserves all the appreciation. He won the Golden Globe award for the best actor-comedy for his character in this movie.

3. Robin Williams was at his best in ‘The Fisher King’. Made in 1991 by Terry Gilliam and written by Richard LaGrvanese, this movie shattered the hearts of people. Yet again, Robin’s mind boggling acting as a rescuer touches everyone watching the movie. Robin Williams was nominated for the Academy Awards as the best actor for this movie. He won the Golden Globe though. This is a comedy drama. The unique aspect of this movie is the mixture of comedy and sadness. It definitely is a must watch.

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