5 Reasons Why Some Girls Go on a Shopping Spree

 Reasons Why Some Girls Go on a Shopping Spree

We shop for groceries, we shop for clothes, we shop to buy gifts, we shop to buy accessories, we shop when we go travelling; shopping has become an integral part of our lives. A kind of shopping has always been around, even with the earlier barter systems, where the only thing missing was the money. As much as we shop almost on a daily basis, not everyone likes shopping. Some people hate it so much that they would happily have others do the shopping for them or go shopping like it is a chore that they have to get over with as quick as possible. There are others though who love shopping and it is said that shopping spree and shopping addiction is more likely to affect women than men. Although there is no scientific basis for this finding, here are some reasons as to why some girls go on a shopping spree.

1. Shopping is a great cure for depression

When a girl is depressed and doesn’t really have anyone to talk to or does not want to talk to anyone, she can always head out to shop. Retail therapy is a great way to shed those blues and take one’s mind off other things. This could be a reason why some girls go on a shopping spree.

2. It is a girls clothes and accessory that is mostly scrutinized, sometimes a lot more than a guy’s outfit.

If a girl was to repeat her outfit in a week, people at work or school are likely to notice than if a guy does the same. If the girl is worried about her appearance then shopping should be a constant for her as she has to continuously wear new clothes as well as keep up her appearance. It is also important for these girls to stand out from the crowd and look different.

3. It is a great way to bond

Other than pajama parties, it is during shopping and salon trips that girls bond a lot. Shared tastes, trying out new outfits and criticisms about the choice of outfits all bring girls closer with each other.

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