6 Things Parents Should Never Tell their Kids

Things Parents Should Never Tell their Kids

Parenting can be a nightmarish thing to do at times. No matter what style of parenting you try and follow, there will be always times when your kid hates you and thinks you are the worst parents in town. Added to it are the things you can never tell your kid. There are things you can tell them in anger that can damage them for life. You can also say wrong things at time thinking you are doing it for their good. Even when you think you are close to your kids and that they are mature to take things in their stride, there are certain things that you should never tell your kids. Here are a few things that any parents should desist from telling their kids.

1. Never say ugly and dirty things about your partner to your kid

A lot of parents force their kids to take sides in the fight between the husband and the wife. This behavior is not relegated to divorced or separated parents but parents who live together too. Even if you are fighting with your husband, make sure you never say anything ugly or bad about them and never force your kid to take sides. You do not want to be responsible for your kid hating you or your partner.

2. Never put them down in front of others

Never say things like you are good for nothing or you will never amount to anything. Also do not insult your kid in front of others. You may be damaging your kids self esteem for good. Not only in front of other people, but do not keep saying this to them even otherwise. You should believe in positive enforcement and encourage your kids to believe in their self worth.

3. Do not call them dumb or stupid

Even if your kid is slow to pick up certain things do not call them stupid or dumb. Always look for other things your kid is good at and never force anything your kid cannot handle.

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