5 Reasons Why Love at First Sight may no Longer Hold True

5 Reasons Why Love at First Sight may no Longer Hold True

Love at first sight has always been a topic of debate. Some believe, some don’t. Some have experienced it in a good or bitter way while some don’t believe because they think it’s just not possible. Times have changed. The ideas, concepts and ways of dating have changed. People have now become more practical in their approach towards love and don’t really take the magic you feel after looking at someone for the first time seriously. Here are 5 reasons love at first sight may no longer hold true.

1. It has been replaced by online dating

There are so many people all over the world who fall in love and find true love online, through social media these days. People are actively involved in social networking sites and want to meet new people or connect with long lost friends. This shows that love at first sight in physical form may no longer hold true.

2. It is not taken seriously anymore

People have now named love at first sight as mere infatuation. People don’t just randomly take love at first sight seriously anymore. People want to know the person first, go out on dates, see if they are compatible and then take things ahead.

3. It cannot define compatibility

People want to date after knowing the level of compatibility, the common interests they share, careers, ideologies . Compromise can be made on certain points but not all. Love at first sight doesn’t give you the chance. Hence, people don’t believe in it anymore.

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