6 Things to Know Before Considering an Abortion

Things to Know Before Considering an Abortion

If you are considering an abortion, you surely will have your reasons that are solid enough. You may consider an abortion because you got pregnant because of a one night stand and you really don’t know who the father is, you may be too young to have a baby and look after it, you may not be in an economically sound position to provide for the baby, you may have gotten pregnant after an affair or you may not be just mentally prepared to go through a pregnancy. Some abortions are also carried out to save the life of the mother. Whatever the reasons, you should make the decision yourself and not because you are coerced into it. No one can force you to have a baby or abort a baby. Here are some things you should know before considering an abortion.

1. Check how long you are into the pregnancy

It is important to know how long you have gone into the pregnancy before you consider having an abortion. Aborting after the specified time is not only dangerous to your health, but is also illegal in some states. You can be arrested for manslaughter. Abortion at later stages can be pretty fatal for your health.

2. Go see a certified doctor and a reputable clinic before you consider an abortion

Make sure you get proper advice from a certified doctor and go to a reputable clinic to get a thorough checkup and good advice.

3. Check is abortion is legal in your state

Not all states in the US have made abortion legal. You need to make sure if abortion is legal in your state before you go ahead with the decision.

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