6 Ways to Win Arguments With Your Husband

Ways to Win Arguments With Your Husband

Well, wouldn’t our married lives be just perfect if we managed to win all the arguments with our husbands. However, life isn’t that easy. So, we give you some of the ways in which you can try to win arguments with your spouse.

1. Wait for him to cool down

There is no point in trying to win an argument when you both are yelling at each other. It is best to wait for things to cool down a bit and then put your view across. When your husband is extremely angry or disturbed, he is less likely to have the capacity to take in other person’s ideas. So, the best approach would be to let him vent and then talk to him once he has calmed down.

2. Use the right tone

While trying to win an argument, it is extremely important to know what tone to use. Different things might work for different guys and it is vital to know what kind of a tone would work with your husband. Some guys might take you seriously only when you start yelling while some might go for a firm yet gentle tone. Whatever tone you may go for, just try not to hurt his ego.

3. Give logical reasons

When trying to win an argument with a man, it wouldn’t help if you only show him the emotional reasons behind your stand. Instead, be utterly rational with him and prove to him that what you are suggesting has a proper logic behind it. Though it might sometimes help if you use your tears to make him listen to you but we would suggest using logical reasons to completely make him see your point and respect you more.

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