4 Reasons Why Contempt is the Number One Reason for Divorce

Reasons Why Contempt is the Number One Reason for Divorce

There are many reasons people divorce each other. They may fall out of love after a while, they may realize too late that there was no love to begin with, they may fall for someone else, get bored, start hating each other…the list is just endless. People divorce even because the partner puts on too much weight and is no longer physically desirable. Of all the reasons, psychologists warn that contempt could be the number one reason for divorce and here is why.

1. Contempt is labelling your partner with a negative trait

And it assumes that you are superior and your partner is in someway inferior. You do not necessarily have to say it out as contempt can be expressed through body language, the tone of voice, facial expressions and body movement. Even a roll of the eyes and the curl of the mouth can signify contempt. A partner does not have to endure such things and filled with contempt you would not want to continue in the marriage either. The result then is going for a divorce.

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2. Contempt in a marriage is trying to establish an hierarchy

Any institution with a rigid hierarchy is bound to doom with marriage being no exception. Contempt both for the giver and the receiver can have negative effects on the health and can even affect the immune system when one feels the object of contempt for long.

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