7 Fun Baby Shower Games

7 Fun Baby Shower GamesOG_Vision

You are planning a baby shower for a friend, relative or yourself, everything is in place but you are not sure of what games to play to entertain the guests. Well, here are some ideas that will sort you out.

1. Nappy Wrapping

Arrange some dolls which will act like babies and get some nappies too. Now ask everyone to pick a doll and wrap the nappy around them. Whoever wraps it first, wins the race.

2. Feed The Baby

Make teams of two people each or if you have a lot of couples in your party, even better. One partner acts like a baby and the other one has to tie a bib around his neck and feed him. The group that finishes first wins the race.

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3. Baby Songs Karaoke

Make a collection of all the songs with the word baby in it. Get a karaoke machine and get the guests to sing with it.

4. Name The Cartoon Character

This game is a good test for all present and would be parents. Collect pictures of various cartoon characters and show them to the guests and ask the name of that character. Whoever gets the maximum names correct shall win.

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