All You Wanted To Know About Color Psychology

All You Wanted To Know About Color Psychology

It is no secret that some brands use particular colors to promote their products before their customers and evoke certain emotions or actions from their side. Many ancient medicines used colors to treat various soul and body conditions. Did you know, colors can affect you and you can use them for your good? Read ahead to know more.

Psychologists and doctors agree that many effects of colors depend on our perception of those colors. If you analyze your attitude towards colors, you would understand that there are colors you are drawn to and there are others, which repel you. Knowing your favorite colors and the effects produced by all other colors can help you to create a more comfortable space for yourself.

For instance, blue is considered to be a cold color, but at the same time, it is the color of trust. Scientists have discovered that this color can decrease your appetite. It is likely that a person would eat less food off a blue plate. Thus, you can use it when you are trying to lose weight and cut down on your meal portions.

Red color is thought to be the color of life and survival according to the Chinese. But this color can also evoke anger and irritation. It is also the color of passion, and people even associate it with love.

Purple is not a very natural color. By this we mean, this color is rarely found in nature. It stands for wisdom, respect and authority. Purple easily draws people’s attention.

Green is the color of hope and life and at the same time, it is the color of money and sales. It can also stimulate your reading and understanding ability. You can use a light green paper to read from or green room to study in.

Yellow color stands for power. It is the color of a strong ego. In some nations, yellow also stands for separation.

In Western culture, white stands for purity and serenity. However, in Eastern cultures, this color is held as the color of death and sorrow.

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