5 Health Benefits of Salmon

5 Health Benefits of Salmon

The salmon fish found primarily in the depths of the North Atlantic and Pacific Ocean has several species of salmon fish such as Pink, Coho, Chum, Sockeye, Steel head, Masu and many more. This fish with its glowing, silvery skin and lovely pink not only appears and tastes delicious but also has amazing health benefits. Listed below are 6 health benefits of Salmon.

1. High in protein and amino acid content

Recent studies have indicated a new health benefit of salmon i.e. the presence of protein content and amino acid. The bioactive protein molecules or bioactive peptides provide additional support for joint cartilage, increases effects of insulin and prevents inflammation in the digestive tract.

2. It prevents fatal diseases

Some might think why a rich, fat enriched food like Salmon can prevent diseases and star as the healthiest of most foods available. The Omega 3 Fatty acids or what may be termed as a good source of fat controls body inflammation which in turn prevents cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, and diabetes. It also helps prevent blood clots in the body.

3. It helps maintain mental equilibrium and enhances the cognitive functions

Omega 3 Fatty acids in the fish also reduces the cognitive impairment caused due to the Alzheimer disease and also slows the process of age-related cognitive dysfunction. It also helps you cope with stress and depression, even reducing aggressive behavior.

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